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Director : Arthur Borgnis

Production : Les Films d’un Jour

Year : 2017

Duration : 80’ All Zones (English and Portuguese subtitles)

Bonus (In french) :
Conversation with Laurent Danchin (14’)
Crossed views on art brut (18’)
Lise Maurer talks about Laure Pigeon (6’)
Louis Poulain and Bruno Gérard of the Atelier de la Pommeraie(8’)


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Outsider art challenges established art historical categories and artistic movements. A translation of the French “art brut”, a term coined by Jean Dubuffet in the aftermath of the Second World War, this label was applied to works produced by artists suffering from mental illness, practitioners of Spiritism, and self-taught visionaries. It compels us to question our aesthetic and cultural norms, and the place attributed to madness in our society. This documentary retraces the tumultuous history of art brut and introduces us to some of its pivotal figures (Jean Dubuffet, André Breton, Hans Prinzhorn, Harald Szeemann…) based on analyses, interviews, and a treasure trove of rare archival footage, often previously unreleased. It allows us to encounter leading experts in the field, and the key places and institutions where its history unfolded and continues to unfold, in France, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. This documentary is also an invitation to lose ourselves in a maze of universes beyond logic and reason, in the works of Adolf Wölfli, Aloïse Corbaz, Augustin Lesage, August Natterer… Art brut is too often overlooked by art history. This documentary allows us to make the acquaintance of this enigmatic, disquieting stranger, and to raise questions about the mysteries of artistic creation.


Michel Thevoz, Lucienne Peiry, Sarah Lombardi, Laurent Danchin, Christian Berst, Thomas Röske, Carine Fol, Michel Nedjar, Bruno Decharme, Savine Faupin, Christophe Boulanger, Sophie Bourbonnais, Déborah Couette, Béatrice Steiner, Raphaël Koenig, Bruno Gérard, Andreas Altorfer and Ilar Stadler.


Arthur Borgnis

Arthur Borgnis is a French documentary filmmaker. He started working in cinema at the tender age of nineteen, as an apprentice stage manager for the shooting of Leos Carax’ Lovers on the Bridge. He was then active as an assistant director on a number of feature films, and directed more than fifteen documentaries, often addressing urgent or dramatic social issues (“The New Civil Disobedience: Outlaws or Citizens?”, “Welcome and Bienvenue to the New Burlesque Cabaret”, “I Killed a Man”…). He is also a connoisseur and collector of art brut.


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